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Just a lonely boy living on his own instance (Now with SO).
Natural screw up, who often can not make a proper post.
Normally I just post about whatever my ADHD hyper focus at the moment is.

I deal in Random Access Memory & Random Access Memory Accessories


Alt account (when I break my instance):

Licorice Pizza (2021) was entertained and glad I watched it.

I cry every time. ac_heartbreak

Kinda wish I had a proper paper cutter.

Came out pretty good for what I need in my #Magic deck.

Thanks again for helping me make them @Rogue

With the help of @Rogue got done making some Cat & Dog #Magic tokens.

#Pathfinder dropping the real thought bombs. ac_laughter

The 10 year old daughter playing with her friends online. Never been so proud

if you forgot how the economy works, here's the explanation:

@dirb @Loki ah bueno

Jurassic World: Dominion (2022), Missed the point every chance it could.

This Chad in #MTG Arena