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Just a lonely boy living on his own instance (Now with SO).
Natural screw up, who often can not make a proper post.
Normally I just post about whatever my ADHD hyper focus at the moment is.

I deal in Random Access Memory & Random Access Memory Accessories


Alt account (when I break my instance):

"Yeah I am kind of a techie guy, as I am a software consultant.....Wait you are saying only SODIMM modules will fit in my laptop? How was I supposed to know that?"


No sir, I don't think there will be much of a speed difference on that DDR3 ECC Registered RAM when using Adobe Creative Cloud After Effects when it comes to making your "space movie". amegablobsweats

I truly home no one tries to remake or touch the Back to the Future franchise any more. It is truly w great franchise and does not need touched.

So many good games came out this year but my shit tastes are still shit

"As part of International Men's Day, let's celebrate healthy masculinity in video games"

If you're one of the people running Linux on ARM, we now have official editor and export template builds provided for your platform!

The last couple of 4.2 releases, RC1 included, are waiting for you to give them a try 🦾

The King has returned

L8r Laymerz

We're watching Junior (1994). GET IN!

It is 20x faster for me to just reinstall Baulders Gate 3 than it is for me to wait for it to finish patching. Ogre

Wow that was a two hour stun lock. ADHD is a curse.

The highlight of me week is no more.

Oh cool I needed a reason to stop using the official #YouTube front-end on desktop.

I swear if I have one more leg cramp jump scare me awake I might cry. This is by far the worst part of my condition and I have to figure out a solution