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I deal in Random Access Memory & Random Access Memory Accessories


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On the off chance this post might reach someone on the Fedi, this app is in need of an iOS developer - from my understanding it is a paid position, to support a tool that helps families and educators around the world create visual communication systems and schedules / charts / AAC aids on the iPad - honestly it is one of the best in terms of accessibly ease of access and extremely good value for its price and an absolute essential for my work with additional needs children, if anyone knows anyone that could help her continue its development it seems the best place to contact is their Facebook page, they have made something amazing and it would be such a shame to see it become obsolete with no alternative apps available that do half as much as iESLp.

#ios #developer #app #AAC

Feeling empty time to ghost for a while.

@LinuxLounge Circle jerking Analogue is always trendy thing to do to show how much of a hardcore retro gamer you are.

So a kernel exploit dropped for the #PS$ and I am sitting here like cool can not wait to install the games that I already own on my PC onto it and never touch it again. Joke is the exploit is already patched and the article is like just go rush out and buy a new PS4. Top kek

@pernia someone repeat this

"Darkness Souls"
@Rogue (2021)

@triodug Where you fight the Chained Ogre so really early on.

@triodug Yeah and I mean I am not disliking it. Just curious if I should put it to the side for now and wait till I am in the mood for it.

So I am bouncing off #Sekiro really hard. The game is fine, but I think I am just in the mood for #DarkSouls and while this game shares a lot of elements it is not the same. So this is defiantly a me problem and not a problem of the game. Makes me wonder if I go play/finish Dark Souls 2/3 or keep playing Sekiro hoping it clicks.

Running out of space on that 1TB drive? On Linux, the ext[234] filesystems reserve 5% of the space by default to only used by the root user, that's 50GB! You can reduce it to 2% with the following command (Replace sda1 with whatever):
sudo tune2fs -m2 /dev/sda1

@solidsanek Either of them I guess

@solidsanek Is this list public somewhere just curious what is on it.


Let's settle the debate

Who wins in a fight to the death?

re: Monster Rancher 1 DX
Wow how recent

re: Monster Rancher 1 DX
Lets see what my fav game of all time gets