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Just a lonely boy living on his own instance (Now with SO).
Natural screw up, who often can not make a proper post.
Normally I just post about whatever my ADHD hyper focus at the moment is.

I deal in Random Access Memory & Random Access Memory Accessories


Alt account (when I break my instance):

@tartley Not a bad Idea. I will look into trying it this way

I should set up some #dotfile management like I use to have back in the day. I use to have yadm is there any better options? bash

Whats worse than a distro not saying how they are different from what they upstream is when they don't say how they are different and ask for money in their release notes.

Stating "you just work" while what you are based on "just works" tells me nothing and makes me think you are a scam.

NO I will not join your discord hug circle to learn more.

I think #DaveTheDiver might be a meme game. I am bouncing off hard. =/

So what games you been working on my fellow #Pleroma fedi users? gdrust

Girl is having doubts during a lesson with Puffy.

Puffy looks her in the eye:

Puffy: "...You think I like computers?!"

Gaming on Linux discourse be like

"It's Linux's fault. Do better, FOSS!"

Gaming on Linux in practice be like:

So #Hades2 is good, like really good, though I pray #SuperGiant makes a new IP for their next game.

@sun Finally some good stuff posted around here!

Unfrosted (2024) worse than not funny, plain boring

New #GingerRoot single is pretty good 🎧

@tk I personally do not give a flying fuck about Cars/Motorbikes but it makes me smile when I see you share your pictures/memes/thoughts/etc of them. Thank you for being you ablobsmile

How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Girlfriend

@anonicus Yes! The best game start up video in all console history. Better than the NTSC-U one we got in here in NA.

Updated #Thinkpad X230T sticker loadout

(Please excuse bad desk lighting)

Student using handheld 'hacking device' wreaks havoc at Utah high school
@sun wait till they find out you could do that IR shit with a PSP-1000 (and I did in high school). Like this is not new not that complicated. Though I guess I am just echoing the sentiment of this whole thread at this point.

@SeanOMik Yeah that is what I used last time I went down the learning path